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Refining Regionalization Control and Intensifying Closed-Loop Management,Sunwin Initiates Orderly Production Back List >June 2022

“To answer the call of Shantui Municipal Government on the acceleration of work resumption of Shanghai industrial enterprises and guarantee the on-time fulfillment of yearly order task, Sunwin, in accordance with the work arrangement requirements of SAIC and through the collaboration of party and government departments, timely sets up ‘Sunwin Special Work Resumption Workgroup’ to coordinate and collaborate all company’s work resumption works and proactively push forward the company’s work resumption while stringently implementing the pandemic prevention and control works”, one responsible person of Sunwin said. In Xinzhuang Industrial Zone, under the great support of SAIC, Sunwin officially resumed production on May 19.

Overcoming numerous internal challenges and starting order production with full strength

In the initial stage of work resumption, the company was confronted with numerous difficulties in terms of personnel, supply chain, and equipment, which brought about huge difficulties on the company’s resumption of normal production. Our Special Work Resumption Workgroup analyzed, studied, and judged the challenges of all issues and timely researched the countermeasures to guarantee the normal production order during the enclosed production. In terms of the personnel, in accordance with the work resumption pandemic prevention requirements, Sunwin carefully linked up the diversified subdistrict and neighborhood committee requirements of the employees, stringently controlled the conditions for return to work posts, and timely fed back any abnormal status, in order to orderly arrange the related personnel for return to work posts with full efforts. Till now, 305 employees of our company have returned to the work posts. In terms of supply chain, confronted with numerous problems caused by pandemic, including the suspended production of numerous suppliers and the obstructed transport of goods, Sunwin, under the unified arrangement, organization, and collaboration of SAIC and by means of acquisition of trans-provincial pass for suppliers and setup of material transfer stations outside of Shanghai, boosted the timely delivery of critical parts and guaranteed the material supply during the enclosed production. In terms of production and manufacturing, based on the production zone responsibility system, Sunwin daily collaborated and boosted timely all new issues of equipment, material, and quality within the production zone and implemented the prompt response.

Intensifying in-plant closed-loop management as per “regionalization and grid” principle

Based on the overall arrangement and detailed requirements of pandemic prevention, to properly fulfill the pandemic prevention work and guarantee the health and safety of employees during the enclosed production, Sunwin Special Work Resumption Workgroup divided the company into 7 zones and set up one logistical support team.

Sunwin established the special pandemic prevention and closed-loop management scheme and, based on the actual needs, set up special collection scheme for every batch of work resumption personnel, daily tracked the pandemic prevention status of all employees, carefully verified the data, and fulfilled the application of work resumption code and the match of work resumption needs. Every collected employee for return to work post was demanded to submit ≤48h negative nucleic acid test report and nucleic acid antigen self-test result before return to work post and was demanded to scan the Venue Code, pass one antigen test, and register via face recognition before entering the plant zone. Sunwin set up internal quarantine zone and observation zone and established the emergency management plan and all staff were provided with pandemic prevention appliances, including protective suit, face mask, and rubber gloves.

The employees returned in succession to work posts also brought about huge pressure on the personnel management. To prevent the momentary gathering of employees and minimize the unnecessary personnel transfer, one pandemic prevention work team was founded for every zone to implement the 72h “Silent Period” quarantine management for the employees returned to work posts. During the enclosed production, the special plans were established for the non-contact meal distribution, housing and official business, personnel access, material storage, dining, nucleic acid test, and washing and bathing to minimize the unnecessary cross-zone activities of the personnel based on the actual situation of every zone. ”

Meanwhile, Sunwin logistical support team daily implemented the periodical environment disinfection for all zones and, based on the classification of conventional disinfection, venue disinfection, material disinfection, and individual disinfection, established detailed enclosed production pandemic prevention disinfection instruction and fulfilled the disinfection and cleaning operation. At present, Sunwin’s disinfection team has 16 members to fulfill at least 2 disinfection operations each day for offices, external roads, easily accessible surfaces (Such as handrails and faucets), stairways and grounds, walls, elevators, bathroom hand washing sinks, toilet stools, shower and locker rooms, waste storage points and waste bins, dining room tableware, incoming external vehicles, and other related facilities. For temporary quarantine areas, the high-frequency disinfection is fulfilled once every 2h.    

Founding caring service team for guarantee of employee’s material supply

To meet the living material needs of employees during the enclosed production, Sunwin prepared sufficient support materials, including camp beds, tents, sleeping bags, pillows, blankets, and personal hygiene products, and will dynamically adjust the material allocation based on the needs of the employees returned to work posts in succession. Based on the respective zone of the employees returned to work posts, the materials will be uniformly allocated and distributed to the designated material receiving point of the respective zone and will be fetched and distributed to specific employee by special person assigned by the zone responsible person to ensure the proper material support.

The employees returned to work posts also need to adapt to the processes and confront with diversified potential problems. Sunwin organized and founded one “Pandemic Caring Volunteer” service team composed of 70% Party members. This team, by means of the activities such as “Daily caring, daily studying, daily practice, and weekly reporting”, continuously provides diversified caring and psychological guidance services for work resumption personnel. During the work breaks, the service team arranges the employees for bodybuilding exercises to relax the employees’ body and combine exertion and rest.

“During the work resumption of Sunwin, the Xinzhuang Industrial Zone, SAIC, and Xinzhuang Industrial Zone Stock Cooperative proactively guided and solved our company’s difficulties in terms of work resumption review and approval, return of personnel to work posts, handling of pass, nucleic acid test, and publicizing of policies and regulations”, one responsible person of Sunwin said. Sunwin will resolutely fulfill the pandemic prevention responsibilities, strictly implement the production safety requirements, grasp the production of orders with full efforts, and meanwhile complete the vehicle service and support works after the work resumption of public bus service and make one contribution to the urban public transport!